Sony prepares closed-doors industry event ahead of PS4 reveal

Platform holder to rally retail support as it prepares for the next gen

Sony Computer Entertainment America is sending out invites to selected industry partners for a closed-doors event in February.


'Destination PlayStation' is an annual conference hosted by PlayStation's US arm for third-party publishers and a number of retailers. In an invite notice, the two-day event is said to provide a "first look at amazing new releases from SCEA".

"Third-party publishers will be on-hand to discuss their plans for 2013," Sony added.

Set just a few weeks before the annual E3 showcase - where Sony is reportedly set to reveal its PlayStation 4 system - the Destination PlayStation event could provide some initial details for industry partners on the next-gen console.

Sony needs industry relationships to be as strong as ever as it prepares to launch a new system.

While the event will primarily focus on PS3 and Vita titles, the PlayStation 4 is likely to be discussed either formally or informally. It is rumoured, though not confirmed, that Microsoft may reveal its next generation Xbox before E3 - a strategy it adopted with the Xbox 360.

Sony recently turned heads after winning a patent that would eliminate pre-owned games sales on next-gen systems.

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