"Your adventure ends entwined with Steve Jackson's horse teethed, whiskery skellington"

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"This must be what success feels like" - drunkadin

You know you've made it when you're porting your games

Knighthood OGTFO.

If you rolled 1-5 turn to page 24 for your CBE
If you rolled 6-8 turn to page 16 for your life peerage
If you rolled 9-0 your adventure ends here, entwined with Steve Jackson's horse teethed whiskery skellington."
- Moribundman

Damn you, Steve Jackson.

"This series desperately needs to jump to 3D, if it was announced for the Wii-U I would most certainly buy one. But we all know it will be another handheld version with minor improvements. Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh." - slick loose

The problem is the pesky kids that keep buying them because they have new Pokemans. We can't send Nintendo the message that we won't take recycled content while the new-generation of kids keep buying them. Fingers crossed though, you never know...

"I have fond memories of so many PS2 games, countless hours playing GTA, MGS3, God of War, ZOE, Silent Hill, Dragon Quest, Marvel VS Capcom 2, Gran Turismo 3, Red Dead Revolver, Ico... Truly a wonderful machine.

"I think the way Sony managed to overcome initial troubles (poor launch games, unfriendly hardware...) just like they did with the PSP or lately with the PS3 shows how dedicated they are to make a platform succeed, which might give Vita owners and potential devs some cautious optimism. The downside is that the PS2 era was also Sony at its most arrogant, thank god reasonable people like Shuhei Yoshida and Kaz Hirai took over."

We've got faith Sony will make owning a Vita worthwhile soon for that very reason, hopefully it's not misplaced.

"This is insane! What about the whole taking a game round to a friends house to smash in some multiplayer? It's also gonna call the end of local multiplayer games." - Mat Ombler

A future with no local multiplayer is a future we're not sure want to be part of. Thankfully, this doesn't necessarily mean Sony will implement the technology.

"The Wii U may be getting a lot of undeserved criticism from people who have never played it, but by god, Nintendo are doing there best to cock certain things up, especially when it comes to online! They've got the browser and Miiverse nailed, but the download speeds, lack of eshop updates after six weeks, the way accounts are handled... definitely out of their comfort zone!" - ricflair

In the current day and age "trying your best" doesn't cut it, Nintendo needs to fix up, and do it quick if it wants to turn around the Wii U's fortunes.