'Maybe it's time for Sega to make the new generation of consoles exciting'

Dreamcast 2 anyone?

On this week's mailbox we've got Kieran Jeary who thinks Sega should re-join the video game console arms race.


So the next generation of gaming is about to begin (following the release of the Wii U) and of course Sony and Microsoft will bring out new consoles. Most probably sooner rather than later as the Wii U needs some competition. Inevitably when this does happen the new PlayStation and Xbox will be battling it out with each other, which leaves the Wii U somewhat forgotten about; just waiting for something to come along that they can really compete with...

Maybe, just maybe it's time for Sega to become great again and make the competition of the new generation of video games consoles a lot more exciting. I've seen numerous YouTube video's, forums, articles etc, and there are a lot of people out there desperate for Sega to go back into the hardware business and release a new console. A console that will be mainly used to compete with Nintendo (just like it used to be). However, releasing a console is a massive risk for Sega, as they manufacture games for other consoles and if they were to release their own they wouldn't be able to do this anymore.

I can imagine it now, though, opening my brand new Sega Dreamcast 2 with Sonic Adventure 3 and Shenmue 3...

GM says: We would literally walk over poo-smeared broken glass to get to a Sega Dreamcast 2. But, thankfully for our feet, the chances are stacked incredibly high against that ever happening. The cost of producing a new console is monumental, especially when you factor in years of R&D and the huge amount of marketing involved. People may whisper about Kickstarter and the Ouya being an example of the possibility of a new console coming out on the cheap, but until we see it happen (successfully) we'll remain cautiously pessimistic. But Shenmue 3, though! What we wouldn't give!

CVG says: No self-respecting video game lover doesn't squee at the idea of a successor to the Dreamcast, but we think this one will stay in the realm of fantasy. As GM says, the reality of it is that Sega has significantly downsized since the days of the Dreamcast, it isn't in a position to release new hardware. Dreamcast ports and re-releases will have to do.