The Phantom Pain trailer - a new 'alternative version'

"Moby Dick" offers a recut of the suspected Metal Gear reveal

Here's a new 'alternate version' of the mysterious teaser trailer for The Phantom Pain.


If you missed it, The Phantom Pain reveal was the game that had Metal Gear Solid fans standing to attention during the 2012 VGAs.

This 'alternate version' of the trailer simply has a different soundtrack, with a quieter tone through most of the footage and a louder more intense track at the end. Footage-wise, it's identical to the original version.

It is believed that The Phantom Pain could be tied into Konami's Metal Gear Solid franchise. In addition to the numerous clues in the trailer (analysed here), the title is developed by Joakim Mogren; the first name being an anagram of Kojima and the surname possibly referencing Project OGRE.

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