Comments of the Week: 'Anthem Ant Hippo'

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"They should set it in China during the Opium Wars which showed how China was royally f**ked by the European interlopers especially the British Empire. China was innocent and this game could prove how evil the European countries where." - Beetle Bum

This is a brilliant idea. Pay attention Ubisoft.

"I remember 1992 like it was yesterday, that first ever show was something completely different to every other show on tv.

"Although Dominic Diamond is pretty much a complete tool the show was fantastic, Patrick Moore was a genius move even though in interviews he often confessed knowing absolutely nothing about the subject matter and just read from cue sheets.

"I spent all of yesterday re-watching the show on the internet and it brought back so many fond memories, its just another classic example of how the younger generation on here missed out, this and BAD INFLUENCE and GAMES WORLD on sky were the best things about tv in the early through mid 90's. Shows like this dont and cant work anymore due to the exact same reasons magazines are in decline, the modern generation want news right now not in 7 days time.

"A true legend passes away not just for us gamers but for the world of science and astronomy, he was a giant among men who's work contributed towards not only the british science program but NASA and the Russian space administration's.

"It's horrible getting old, all your heroes pass away. Rest In Peace." - Megatrons_Fury

Well said *wipes away tears*

I'm sure some one has thought of this already but could it be possible The Phantom Pain is an anagram its self. i could be wrong.

Oh my god,you are right!!

"Anthem Ant Hippo

"At last, it has been cracked (see the link for another 1000 displayed of 50,000 anagrams of The Phantom Pain).

"A Tampon Hep Hint, Aha Then Pimp Ton(that damn Morten Harket)"
That Pain Phenom, A Path Phenom Nit, Papa The Moth Inn... We could be here a while - metallicorphan

Again with the Facebook BS. Facebook is for speaking to people out of the country or inaccessible by other means I don't want to be hamming about with it to get a Steam code for a game. Pass.

"Congratulations! Your dislike of the Facebook is both fashionable and unique. The ladies must flock to your door, your anti-establishmentism is revolutionary; a new paradigm in existential understanding of Facebook as it must be. You stand firm in your knowledge that facebook is a tool to be used in only one way, fighting the ignorance of those who would wish to corrupt it, those who would use its power to for the unspeakable.

"Stay strong my brother, for you will be find this path to be a difficult one. You will find yourself mocked by those who know no higher path. They will laugh. Fear not, they laugh as a cover for the fear, for they know no other way to disguise their fear of your truths; they use the overtures of disdain as a balm for their inexplicable fear of the unknown. Once the laughter stops, and mark my words, the laughter always stops. When the laughter stops the anger builds. The oozing bile will form a stream; then river; then sea before becoming a tsunami of destruction heading for you and all you hold dear. Stand firm. Let it break against you like the sunlight on a mountain, don't ever waver. Eventually the tide will subside.

"Only then your journey of intellect be at an end. Only then will you be vindicated. Only then will people understand that yes, despite appearances, Facebook is actually 'for speaking to people out of the country' and that all other uses are the trappings of the fake gods.
"And you will be remembered." - shadyMrPatch

Beautiful, just...beautiful.

"Wow, Carthage looks so huge and beautiful in that first screenshot, I can't wait to raze it to the ground and massacre the populace to make room for another Roman settlement! Hail Caesar!" - CrispyLog

"Your armies will crumble back to dust before the walls of mighty Carthage. We stand firm in denying your demands and are ready for war, we have beaten you before, you do not frighten us. The walls will hold, they must." - Drusus

"But they didn't, and they won't! Strength and honour, Roman legionnaires!" The_KFD_Case

"Lets see your strength and honour when I'm riding an elephant over both your Roman behinds. Also I don't know what you mean by they didn't! Do you see the screenshot, they stand just fine thanks.

"We/re gonna need more elephants....... and more mercenaries... and more walls.... oh bugger. I'm just popping out for some smokes, you guys deal with the Romans and then I'll be back... what do you mean they're already on the beach!

"*In the style of Sam Beckett aka Scott Bakula jumping into a Carthaginian*... Oh Boy!" - Drusus

There definitely needs to be a CVG multiplayer night you lot fighting it out.