'Isn't the Wii U Pro Controller a cop out for developers?'


On this week's mailbox we've got Liam Mcmillen, who e-mailed in to ask whether the Wii U Pro controller could make developers lazy.


"With the announcement of the Pro Controller for the, I instantly thought that it would be a good thing. But then I got thinking, isn't it a bit of a cop out for developers? I can see them taking the easy way out and just developing for the pro controller, which, in turn, will take away from the Wii U's main attraction, the GamePad. This could also mean that there'll be a lack of innovation in third-party support for it.

Look at the good Wii third-party support. Games such as Zack and Wiki, No More Heroes and Sonic Colours. All perfect examples of a developer getting to grips with the Wii and making really good games, but I can't see developers doing that now they have an easy way out.

Also, if you had a choice between playing a multi-platform game on Wii U or Sony's/Microsoft's next-gen console, what are you going to choose? I know what I would.

GM says: Plenty of people have a lot of negative things to say about the Wii U, about the GamePad and its perceived lack of power. But check out our Nintendo Land review and our chat with Miyamoto-san are evidence that the Wii U has legs. Much like the Wiimote was a hard idea to wrap your head around until you got your mitts on one, the GamePad feels exciting in a really unpredictable way, while the ability to get creative with exciting new toolswill always be alluring for good developers

CVG says: The Pro Controller definitely makes it easy for developers to port over games from Xbox 360 and PS3, but it's also in a studio's interest to use the GamePad in unique ways.

If they want Wii U owners to pay attention they've got to create something interesting, taking the easy way out spells certain doom for lazy devs.