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26. Triple Town

What is it? Town-building puzzler
Link: Apple.com

This is a strange combination of city-building sim and strategic puzzle game. Here everything is made in threes. Combine three bits of grass to make a bush. Combine three bushes to make a tree, and so on. It's hugely addictive, and to keep things interesting, you'll be cock-blocked by giant bears as they try to spoil your building efforts. It's probably a meta-comment on urbanisation. Or something. Whatever, Triple Town is brilliant.


27. Flick Kick Football Kickoff

What is it? Goal scoring sim
Link: Apple.com

Again, there are loads of flick to kick / bat / lob / swipe games out there, and most of them are bum. This, however, is great because it adds loads of variations to the basic flicking and wraps it up in - totally out of date reference alert - Roy of the Rovers-era presentation. There are multiplayer and practice modes too, once / if you get bored of scoring goals on the bog.


28. Agent Dash

What is it? Scrolling action game
Link: Apple.com

The simplicity of Agent Dash (you're essentially running forward and avoiding obstacles) is masked by gorgeous visuals, and some cute in-game animations. Each level sees you escaping a crumbling Bond-villain-style lair - often with laser traps and gaping chasms. Finger swipes send your Agent left or right, or make him jump. Actually better than recent atrocity 007 Legends.


29. CSR Racing

What is it? Street-racing sim
Link: Apple.com

Instead of trying to be a fully-fledged racer on mobile, CSR keeps it relatively simple. This is about city-street drag racing, and you control the acceleration of your insanely expensive car. You tap to take it through the gears, and decide when to deploy the nitrous - so it's all about timing rather than actual racing skill.


30. Candy Crush Saga

What is it? Match three puzzler
Link: Apple.com

Very soon, there will be more 'match three' puzzlers on the App Store than there are human beings to download them. Which will make them mandatory. And when that happens you should head straight for Candy Crush Saga, possibly the most colourful and deep of the lot. It's free, it looks great, and your other half will definitely approve - get involved.

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