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16. Robot Unicorn Attack

What is it? Side-scrolling platformer
Link: Adultswim.com

Bit silly this one, but considering it's a 30 second, throw-away game, you'll likely be playing it for hours. It's essentially Canabalt with a magic horse - you jump and charge through a scrolling landscape until you hit an obstacle. If you last 60 seconds, you're doing well. It looks beautiful, and the soundtrack is inspired (there's a metal version if you're not into the game's electro beats) - it's a game you want to keep playing in spite of the simplicity. BECAUSE IT HAS A ROBOT UNICORN IN IT.


17. GoodGame Empire

What is it? Castle combat
Link: Goodgamestudios.com

Build castles, raise armies, fight evil knights. If you're not looking for something as in depth as Settlers or Age of Empires, this simpler strategy game has you covered. The larger, more colourful art style makes things easy to interact with, and the strategy elements are easy to understand. Lacks a bit of depth perhaps, and isn't all that edgy, but it's still better than reading emails from Quentin in marketing about 'sell-through'.


18. Quake Live

What is it? Classic FPS multiplayer
Link: Quakelive.com

Ok, you do need to download a small client for this, but once it's running you essentially play Quake 3 Arena - one of the best multiplayer shooters ever - in your browser. It's still an incredible, competitive shooter, and there's plenty of classic stuff in the free version. The only downside is that it's very competitive, so unless you bring your A game, expect to get slaughtered repeatedly.

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19. Age of Empires Online

What is it? Empire building sim
Link: Ageofempiresonline.com

Like your strategy gaming served with a side of war? Maybe you should give this a try instead of The Settlers Online. It's almost as deep, although there's less of a focus on resource management and more on raising armies to attack enemies. Again, it's real time-hoover once you get past the intro, so kiss goodbye to your productivity.


20. Coma

What is it? Stylish indie adventure
Link: Comagame.net

A charming flash-based adventure that channels games like Limbo and Braid to tell the story of a boy trying to wake up from his coma. As you travel through Pete's subconscious world, helping people out and solving little puzzles, you'll uncover a delightful, fantastical world well worth spending time in... regardless of whether or not you're supposed to be working.

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