The 30 best FREE games to play now

Proper games you can play right now, for no money

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6. Lord of the Rings Online

What is it? Fantasy RPG
Link: Lotro.com

Fancy a bit of Balrog-bothering before you watch The Hobbit? LOTR online is - as you'd expect - an RPG, and one of the better ones. It feels very Tolkein, and there's a decent selection of races and classes to choose from. Yes, you can even choose to play as a minstrel and wield a lute. Ahem. You can play for 100s of hours without spending a penny, although some of the best stuff is squirreled away for purchase or VIP membership. You shall /definitely pass...


7. World of Warcraft

What is it? Seriously - do you not know?
Link: Battle.net

Ah, the classic online RPG. In a similar vein to Star Wars: Old Republic, this is free up to a point, but it's far more generous than most. You can play up to level 20 for no money, experiencing the vast majority of the game's content - including the new Mists of Pandaria expansion. Cleverly, level 20 is when you unlock your first mount - a big moment in WoW - so you'll probably want to subscribe after the free period.


8. APB Reloaded

What is it? Cops vs Crims MMO
Link: Steam

Fancy a bit of cops vs insane criminals action? This is for you. Don't expect a recreation of Heat, though, this is more Naked Gun. The community has taken customisation to heart, so expect to see lots of Saints Row style messing about. Underneath the madness, though, it's a decent shooter with plenty of missions and shooting to chew through. You will, however, have a pay a little to get in on the character customisation insanity, if you stick around.


9. Team Fortress 2

What is it? Class-based FPS
Link: Steam

One of the first true free-to-play games, TF2 is a class-based shooter from Valve. It's a straight forward, but perfectly balanced FPS with plenty of genuine funnies and a dedicated community. You can grab it from Steam and never pay a penny, unless you're partial to silly custom outfits and hats... and you will be, once this game gets its teeth into you.

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10. Tribes: Ascend

What is it? Sci-fi FPS
Link: Hirezstudios.com

Want a bit of hardcore with your shooter? Chances are you're already playing this game, but if not - get involved. Three classes are open for free, and you can easily get by without spending cash - especially with the game's matchmaking system, which ensures you don't get chucked in with the best players at the start. There's a rank system that allows you to show off your achievements too, and a decent selection of customisation options to buy.

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