Aliens Colonial Marines: new campaign and MP gameplay videos

Almost ten minutes of fresh footage from Gearbox's shooter

The latest round of Aliens: Colonial Marines previews have gone live, meaning we've had the chance to play the game and capture a load of new footage for you to watch.


The movies below show off a combined total of almost ten minutes of gameplay from the campaign and two objective-based multiplayer modes, Escape and Extermination.

After you've watched them in action, check out our new Aliens: Colonial Marines preview for detailed impressions.

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Sega has confirmed an Aliens: Colonial Marines release date of February 12, 2013 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, with a launch date for Wii U set to be "revealed at a later time".

Aliens: Colonial Marines pre-orders will allow you to play as Aliens characters Hicks, Hudson, Drake and Apone in multiplayer, as well as to customise your marine's arsenal and wield Ripley's flamethrower.