'Phantom Pain' reveal linked to Metal Gear Solid 5

Growing evidence suggests Kojima could be behind mysterious VGA reveal

Growing evidence is linking mysterious VGA reveal The Phantom Pain to the Metal Gear Solid franchise.


Following this morning's trailer reveal, suspicious fans have pointed out a number of similarities between the two titles, not least that the bearded protagonist featured in the 'Pain' trailer looks just like MGS hero Snake -right down to identical scars.

The game is supposedly being created by unheard of Swedish studio "Moby Dick", which according to its website was founded by CEO 'Joakim Mogren'. 'Joakim' is, perhaps unsurprisingly, an anagram of 'Kojima'.

There's a raft of other links on the developing NeoGAF thread, including suggestions that Metal Gear villains Psycho Mantis and Volgin can be spotted in the Phantom Pain reveal.

Game journalist Alex Rubens even reports on Twitter that a post-VGAs Konami party hosted a VIP section full of "people wearing Phantom Pain/Moby Dick Studios t-shirts" - none of whom were Swedish.

According to Rubens, Konami declined to comment on the title.