Comments of the Week: 'This man knows cheese when he sees it'

The smartest, funniest and most insightful comments from the last seven days

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Comments of the Week is back, and back by popular demand no less. We're currently in the midst of figuring out if we can bring you this weekly feature in an exciting new format but until we figure out if it's viable we'll be sticking to the tried-and-true words on a page format.

This week's you fine readers have been talking mostly about the Wii U; loving it, hating it, calling it names we'd rather not repeat, but also putting your sharp wit to use on taking the mickey out of the Fuse box art, teaching Nintendo a thing or two about online and much more.

Here's the comments of the week:


"This guy knows what he is talking about! Seriously this man knows cheese when he sees it and he knows a bit about this electronics entertainment malarkey too." - Cult

I bet telling the ladies he's the founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese makes the girls weak at the knees.

"I'm really not that excited about the idea of moving onto the next generation of consoles as its just going to cost me more money to keep up. Too many developers act like New hardware is the answer to everything, but maybe they should invest more time into designing more innovative software instead. Hardware might make games seem better graphically or change the way we play with new peripherals, but the game design often remains similar through each generation. I'm more interested in design than hardware, so I'm happy to play a game on a dated console as long as it has a solid design". - wallcat

While I'll be the first to admit I'm excited for the next-generation of consoles, what you've said about the same design just carrying over to more powerful hardware is very interesting. Delaying new consoles could give developers the kick they need to start innovating again.

"Nobody wants your side order, Fries." - budge

You are a mature 25 year old. You are a mature 25 year old. You are a mature 25 year old. Ah, screw it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

"A new premium quality game" What does that even mean?" - TheLastDodo

I think it means you'll be paying at least £40 for it

"That's awful. It looks like someone spilt lucozade on a Mass Effect cover." - TheLastDodo

Nailed it!

"What a pile of old rubbish. Of course Nintendo should copy Xbox live, its an amazing online network and offers so much for the modern gamer, the fact PS3 has no party chat is the reason i hardly ever play the thing anymore, for me its such a hollow play experience it reminds me of when i played games in the 80's on my own in my bedroom, Xbox live allows me to chat with people all over the world regardless of what game we are each playing, its fantastic."

"For me the enthusiasm for the WII U died when there was no game i had to have for it day one and when I found out there's no universal chat system or achievements, I'm now spoilt by and used to these kinds of things and anything else for me personally is a backwards step."

"Nintendo never have liked online gaming, they still continue to fight it and its just plain dumb, long term well into the next true generation its going to harm them, its not going to kill them but it will definitely be something they come to regret."

"Considering how every company in the world has copied Nintendo at some point surely they have the moral high ground to do a bit of copying back right?" -Megatrons_Fury

PREACH BROTHER MEGATRON. Always wanted to say that.