Hitman Absolution guide: 6 essential tips for becoming a Silent Assassin

Become a master of disguise, achieve undetected kills, get the best scores and unlock new techniques

If you've read our Hitman Absolution review, then you'll know that 47 likes killing, and he likes killing inventively. Whether you're shooting, exploding or poisoning your way through a contract, our six essential Hitman Absolution tips will give you all the intel you need to silently take out your targets and slip away unnoticed.



Disguises are outfits that can either be found lying around or taken from people you subdue, and are your key to making progress through missions. If you are seen changing into a new outfit by anyone your disguise will instantly be blown, so make sure you are out of view before switching your clothes.

Disguises will allow you to access certain areas without causing suspicion, however any other characters wearing the same outfit will identify you as an impostor, so avoid them where possible or use Instinct to get past them undetected.

While disguised you can interact with scenery objects appropriate to your outfit when you see the 'Hide' prompt, which allows you to blend and hide in plain sight. Examples of this are fiddling with a fuse board while dressed as an electrician, or using a mop while impersonating a janitor. Although you can't move while blending in, it can help you evade suspicious enemies nearby and allow you to watch patrol routes to plan your next move.



Each mission has plenty of challenges to undertake and every challenge completed increases your overall score multiplier for that mission, which carries over to subsequent playthroughs. Once you complete a challenge your progress is saved, so even if you get killed or exit the game afterwards you won't have to redo the challenge.

The name and image displayed for a challenge should give you a clue for how to complete it, but you can also press Back/Select to access the Challenges page of your Notebook or go through Unlocks -> Challenges at the main menu then highlight a challenge to reveal an additional description. Challenges can be completed on any difficulty other than Easy, but due to increased enemy presence on the Professional settings you may find playing on Normal will help you beat challenges a lot quicker.

The Infiltrator and Suit Only challenges are present on every level and are probably the hardest to complete. Infiltrator involves getting through the level without being spotted, so a stealthy approach is required along with a range of disguises to get through unnoticed. Suit Only is earned by completing a mission without changing from 47's iconic outfit, which is very tough in some areas but remember that no stealth is required for this challenge so you can always shoot your way through!



The manner in which you move around has a big impact on the likelihood of you being detected. Running is noisy and draws a lot of attention to yourself, so you should only do it in empty areas or emergency situations. Crouching allows you to move quietly but if anyone spots you they will become suspicious of your behaviour and may investigate, so try to remain out of sight.

The best way to get around stealthily is by using cover, which you can snap to by pressing B/Circle. If you reach the end of the section you're hiding behind and additional cover is nearby, a 'Change Cover' prompt should appear which allows you to seamlessly transition to the next area of camouflage without being spotted .

If someone is blocking your route ahead, there are a couple of ways to get past them without a direct confrontation. Objects such as bricks and bottles can be thrown to create a noise on impact, then when the person goes to check out the sound you can slip past. The other option is to create a distraction such as turning on a nearby radio or switching off a circuit breaker, again waiting for the individual to investigate before sneaking through.

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