Video: Dara O'Briain talks GTA V, Wii U and more

TV funnyman offers his latest views on gaming

These days most celebrities would claim they're keen gamers, but in reality most of them couldn't form an opinion beyond last night's game of FIFA, let alone the merits of Mass Effect 3's ending.

Dara O'Briain is one man under the spotlight who could talk about Mass Effect. Or GTA. Or Wii U. Or Arkham City's Harley Quinn DLC. He's a gamer - and he's proud of it.


Performances such as the now-legendary 8 minute gaming rant on Live At The Apollo have propelled the comedian in to many a gamer's Celebrity Hall of Fame.

He ripped on Wii, gushed over Metal Gear, and most importantly, proudly stuck up for gaming just days after BBC's Panorama attacked it on the very same channel.

Dara has also presented the BAFTA Video Game Awards three times, including one at which he delivered the clever PlayStation leap year bug joke: "It's 9pm on March 19 - unless you're watching live via a PS3, then it's March 18... and all of your Trophies are gone."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we're big fans. Which is why when Dara hit the interview circuit recently for the release of his latest DVD and Blu-ray, Craic Dealer, we moved heaven and earth (sent lots of e-mails) to secure an interview.

In our video chat Dara shares his views on Wii U ("sounds epic to me"), next-gen ("no more buttons would be the key thing") and yes, Mass Effect 3's ending uproar ("It did seem a bit Lucas") plus much more.

We're sure you'll agree it makes for a chucklesome watch and if you're after more, Dara's 'Craic Dealer' is in the shops, kids.

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