PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale review round-up

All the review scores in one place...

The first PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale reviews have gone live and as always we've rounded them up and presented them for you below.

CVG's PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale review said the PS3 and Vita brawler is "fundamentally solid but lacking pizzazz", scoring it 6.8.

Here's what everyone else thinks:

  • TheSixthAxis: 9/10 - "It's a complete package with a few flaws, but ultimately a brilliant purchase for both PlayStation and fighting fans."
  • Eurogamer: 7/10 - "An enjoyable, workable [Super Smash Bros. Brawl] clone - and a surprisingly un-cynical one - but lacking the raw ingredients to truly replicate Nintendo's success in this niche."
  • IGN: 8 - "PlayStation All-Stars is flawed, but fun. Every fan of the PlayStation brand should give it a go."
  • OPM: 6/10 - "Despite its efforts to add depth to combat, it simply doesn't have the longevity or ambition to justify its existence as a full-price boxed title."
  • VideoGamer: 6/10 - "The weak roster and poor presentation actively works against the title, and while there's enjoyment to be found this is a game that's highly unlikely to stick in your mind or, more vitally, ever be asked for at parties."
  • GamesRadar: 3.5/5 - "All-Stars ends up feeling a little unsure of itself, trying to identify with technical one-on-one fighters and the spontaneous scrapping of Smash Bros. in a way that doesn't completely capture the joys of either."
  • ShopTo: No score - "PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale was a game that I was quite on the fence about, however it knocked me off and beat me into submission faster than I ever could have imagined."
  • Kotaku: No score - "The next time your friends are around and not too keen on versing you in a fighting game for fear of embarrassment, you can tell them to rest assured knowing that this brawler is fun and accessible."
  • Shacknews: No score - "With no meaningful unlocks and no worthwhile single-player experience to speak of, PlayStation All-Stars' longevity is solely determined by its multiplayer mode. Battle Royale fills a niche in PlayStation's lineup, and it does a good enough job at offering a party-oriented fighting experience. There's a long list of things that should be improved for a sequel, but it's certainly fun enough for a first outing in the franchise."
  • Push Square: 9/10 - "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a fitting celebration of Sony's video game legacy, and a love-letter to fans of the brand. SuperBot Entertainment has meticulously merged three generations of platform lore into a four-player brawler that's both approachable and cunningly complex. The game may have some interface issues, and the roster may not appeal to your grandparents - but it's the only title currently available that lets you pit a burlap doll against an antagonistic ice cream man whose hair is on fire. That, as far as we're concerned, is absolutely awesome."
  • Destructoid: 9/10 - "For the most part, barring the half-hearted campaign, they've greatly succeeded. If you find yourself playing Smash Bros. into the wee hours of the morning with friends, you should enjoy PlayStation-All Stars: provided that you have at least some affinity towards the franchises that take part in this tournament."
  • PSU: 4/5 - "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is the game that PlayStation fans have been begging for for years. And you can tell it was made by fans, too. Where it may lack in depth, it more than makes up for it in charm, personality, and style-exactly the same qualities that made each of the characters on the rosters memorable PlayStation icons."
  • PlayStation Lifestyle: 8.0 - "PlayStation All-Stars is a tribute to the PlayStation fans that have supported the brand over the years, and whom have been eagerly awaiting a game like this since the advent of Smash Bros. SuperBot has delivered a game that embodies everything these iconic PlayStation franchises and characters offer, and it will surely make PlayStation fans proud."
  • GameInformer: 7.50 - "All-Stars is clearly similar to Smash Bros., especially because it's far more fun to play with friends. Solo, it quickly becomes repetitive and doesn't give you much reason to continue. If you have company over, however, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale can be a lot of chaotic fun."