ZombiU guide: 7 essential tips for staying alive

Tips and tricks to avoid becoming zombie food on the streets of post-apocalyptic London

This is not an easy game, but that's why we like it. Death is always around the corner, but there are ways to make things a bit easier - for you and the next survivor spawning in your stead. Here we'll share a few tips that we picked up as we played the game for our review. Don't worry, no spoilers.


1. Scavenge for supplies

Don't just plough through the story. Take a bit of time between missions to revisit areas you've already explored and hunt for loot. Hold up the GamePad and look for white dots. If the scanner marks the HUD with a green icon, there's an item there. Remember, sometimes you won't be able to reach an item because you haven't unlocked the required tool.

2. Scan the environment

So if your scanner picks something up behind a pile of rubble, you're going to have to go through the story until you get the C4. When your pack is full, return to the safe house and store it in the chest. This means that when you die, the next survivor will have a stockpile to make getting back to your zombified corpse easier. Everything is useful; never leave anything behind.

3. Sacrifice yourself

Sometimes it's best to just kill yourself. If you're in a situation where you're backed into a corner by a huge group of zombies, and you have no hope of surviving, make the next survivor's life easier by dropping a grenade at your feet. This will kill all the zombies in the vicinity and make sure you don't turn into one yourself, leaving the area clear for the next character to run in and safely scoop up your backpack. You only turn into a zombie if you're bitten.


4. Think before you shoot

Ammo is precious, so save it for encounters with large groups, or when you're about to die. The cricket bat is fine for 1-2 zombies if you can keep a bit of distance between them, but any more than that and you leave yourself open to being grabbed. Flares are your best friend. They're one of the most common loot drops, and the moment you throw it, every zombie in the area will run towards it, giving you the chance to sneak past them or chuck in a Molotov.

5. Exploit exploding zombies

Keep an eye out for exploding zombies too - the ones with the gas tanks strapped to their backs. If you can get them in the middle of a group, all it takes is one shot to blow them up, taking their buddies with them. Just don't shoot them at close range, otherwise the explosion will wipe you out too. It has a wide blast radius. If you have a steady aim you can shoot them directly in the head and avoid causing an explosion altogether, but it's a big risk.


6. Survive the carnival

Lure the first wave towards one of the red gas bottles, then shoot it. Easy. For the second wave, wait until the two of them are bunched together, then shoot the exploding zombie. Easier. For the third wave, repeat the previous strategy. It's a bit harder this time to get them all grouped together, so draw them through the gated 'tunnel' to get them in a conga line, then shoot the exploder. In the next area, sprint for the mines, drop them in front of the cage, then run the heck away as fast as you can. Climb the crates to the top of the red bus and grab more mines, then use them to finish the last of them off. Don't jump off the bus, though; you'll die.

7. Deal with armoured zombies

The zombies wearing riot gear take more of a battering than the regular fleshy kind. The trick is to get rid of their helmet. It takes three bashes from the cricket bat to dislodge it, then a further three to kill them, so if you encounter one in a group, attempting this is a bad idea. Either separate them from their undead buddies, or look for an exploder or a gas bottle. In groups, these can be one of the toughest enemies. They can soak up a lot of bullets as well.