Vita firmware update 2.00 brings email app, improves browser

And wireless transferals between your Vita and PC

The Vita firmware update 2.00's most significant addition will be that of PlayStation Plus support on the portable, but there will also be other new features in the update.


Firmware 2.00 will add a new email client to the Home Screen, letting you set up multiple email accounts for which you Vita will pull new messages automatically.

It also makes improvements to the browser, including upgrades to its rendering engine for smoother overall performance, and embedded Twitter support which allows you to Tweet a URL with one simple menu option.

And finally the Content Manager has been improved to allow for wireless connection between your Vita and PC. It also adds support for PS Plus for access to cloud storage.

Firmware 2.00 will be released on November 19 in US and a day later in EU.

Here's a video showing off these new features and a look at PS Plus on the portable.

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