Mass Effect Trilogy trailer brings you up to speed

Three-game bargain bundle out next week

BioWare has released a new Mass Effect Trilogy ahead of its debut release next week.


Confirming staggered releases yesterday, BioWare said the trilogy will arrive first in US on Xbox 360 and PC on November 6. The EU date for those platforms has today been confirmed as November 9.
And for PS3 gamers, the fun kicks off on December 4 in US and December 7 in Europe.

The box-set, which in the US will cost $59.99, marks the first time Mass Effect 1 (released on Xbox 360 in 2007) will be released on Sony's PlayStation system.

BioWare has previously confirmed that Mass Effect 1 will get a standalone release on PS3 as a download title via the PlayStation Store, for those who already own its two sequels.

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