Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut given March release

Publisher Rising Star tightens launch window for the PS3 re-release

Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut will be released for PS3 in March 2013, publisher Rising Star Games has said today.


Deadly Premonition launched on Xbox 360 back in 2010. It's a bizarre paranormal open-world RPG of sorts, in which you take control of special agent Francis York Morgan to investigate a murder as you get psychic messages from cups of coffee and periodically slip into a demonic underworld full of monsters.

As well as bringing the game to PS3 for the first time, the Director's Cut promises a "new scenario from the game's director, Hidetaka 'Swery' Suehiro", as well as "reworked control system allowing for an even better combat experience".

Here's a teaser trailer:

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