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2013 preview: The 15 big Wii U games of next year

Looking beyond the launch...

You'd be forgiven some hesitation towards the Wii U launch line-up - if New Super Mario Bros. and ports of AAA-titles from other platforms aren't your thing, how does the release schedule look going into 2013?

Well, much the same, really. But accounting for the delays of what were previously must-buy launch games, and the likelihood of more quality titles being announced in the months to come, the Wii U should have a pretty decent first year. We've pulled up a list of the 15 most essential releases for 2013, listed in no particular order.

1. Injustice: Gods Among Us


Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
ETA: April 2013

Injustice brings 2D fighting to the Wii U with a cast drawn from the DC universe. Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon is heading up development, but given the license, we expect Superman's skeletal structure to remain fully intact throughout.

2. Pikmin 3


Publisher: Nintendo
ETA: Spring 2013

Initially a launch title, Pikmin 3 is now one of the most anticipated Wii U releases of 2013. In addition to new Pikmin types and the option of touch-screen control with the GamePad, it's hard not to be excited by the prospect of Olimar and his miniature army in lovely HD for the first time.

3. Game & Wario


Publisher: Nintendo
ETA: Spring 2013

After a decade of microgames, Wario seems to be expanding into the realm of slightly more substantive minigames, several minutes apiece. Nintendo used Game & Wario at E3 as a proof-of-concept for several of the GamePad's core features, mostly involving prodding the touch-screen or scanning the TV, but Jimmy T on the ski slope alone justifies the game's existence.

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