Assassin's Creed 3: Ten essential tips for becoming a Master Assassin

Win every fight, hunt like a pro, master naval combat

If you've read our Assassin's Creed 3 review then you'll know there are many activities you can undertake in addition to the main mission memory sequences. Whether you're hunting in the wilderness of the Frontier, engaging in naval battles on the high seas or sending out recruits to take over the East Coast, our 10 essential Assassin's Creed 3 tips will give you all the information you need to defeat your enemies and rise to the top.



There are a number of ways to remain undetected while moving around. The basic point to remember is that running and climbing while holding down R1/RT will draw attention to yourself, whereas using X/A to fast walk will allow you to move quicker without raising suspicion.

By approaching a group of two or more civilians you can blend in with them, which is represented by a white circle appearing above your head. You can blend with both moving and stationary groups, and as long as you remain in contact with them most enemies will not detect you. When you leave the group you still remain blended for a short time, allowing you to quickly switch to other cover without being spotted.

As with previous games there are plenty of hay piles and shelters to hide in, but there are now areas of low bushes that can be entered and used as cover. As with blending a white circle appears over your head when you are hidden, and as long as you remain crouched and don't run you can safely move around within the foliage.

By approaching a corner and walking into it, you can press against it and enter corner cover. Although you are not completely hidden in this position it does give you a good protected view of the area ahead and is useful for tailing and eavesdropping. By pressing Circle/B while in this position you can whistle to attract a nearby enemy, then hit Square/X to perform a stealth assassination and hide the body when they get close to investigate. Be wary of whistling when multiple foes are present as they may all hear you and approach together, blowing your cover.



You'll know when an enemy begins to detect you by the Social Status Indicator (triangular icon) that appears over their head. First the icon fills with yellow to indicate they are suspicious of you, and simply breaking their line of sight is enough to evade attention. Once filled, however, the icon will begin to turn red, indicating the enemy is actively investigating you. At this stage you'll need to get out of sight and put some distance between yourself and them, as they will move to check your last know location. Once out of their sight the icon turns grey but remains visible to you, so you can track the enemy's position and stay hidden until they lose interest.

Should the SSI fill completely red you will be identified and forced to enter Open Conflict, represented by your Notoriety Meter (bottom left by mini-map) turning red. To leave this state you need to either fight and kill all attacking enemies or escape from them. The key to evading your pursuers is breaking their line of sight, at which point your Notoriety Meter turns yellow to indicate you can safely hide. Using your free running abilities to scale obstacles will gain you advantage, and if you're in a town then passing through open doors or windows will transfer you to the other side of the building and quickly put distance between you and your followers.

Once you are out of sight jump into cover such as a hay pile or cart and your Notoriety Meter will turn blue, indicating that you are now hidden and your pursuers are losing you. If any of them get too close while looking for you, you can always perform a stealth assassination from cover to get rid of them. After remaining concealed for a short amount of time your Notoriety Meter goes green, notifying you that the threat has now passed and you can safely exit cover.

Depending on what actions you've taken you may need to lower your Notoriety level, which determines how aggressive enemies will be towards you and is indicated by one, two or three crosses on your Notoriety Meter. Taking any of the following actions can reduce this level:

  • Tearing down wanted posters reduces Notoriety by one level
  • Bribing Town Criers for a small cost reduces Notoriety by two levels
  • Bribing a Printer is the most expensive option, but completely removes your Notoriety
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