Best iPad games: Don't Look Back

Another excellent App Store game from Super Hexagon auteur Terry Cavanagh

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Best iPad games: Don't Look Back

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Don't Look Back is a short, sharp shock - a simple pixellated platformer which unfolds over series of single screen tricks and traps. You go left and right, you jump, you get a gun, but there is more to Terry Cavanagh's latest App Store release than simple platforming.

It is a game about death, but not in the same way Super Hexagon and VVVVVV are. Cavanagh has made a limited palette of black, white and dark reds feel human, threading a simple, sad narrative through this game. Its subtlety marks it out as quite different to the thousands of other retro platformers on the App Store.

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Pockets of action are interspersed with short stretches of lonely nothingness, the soundtrack's mournful strings your only company. Most of Don't Look Back's impact is in discovering what lurks on the next screen, and the screen after that.

VVVVVV announced Terry Cavanagh's arrival as an indie hero on PC, but he remains a relative unknown outside those circles. With Super Hexagon and now Don't Look Back, he is proving to be a pioneering App Store auteur, too - Don't Look Back is excellent, oddly powerful and free. Download it now.

Don't Look Back is free on the App Store. Download it here.