Battlefield 3 server update: Balance tweaks, minimap removal option

Changes to the Armored Kill gunship, exploit fixes and more

DICE will unleash a significant server update for Battlefield 3 tomorrow, October 11.


Deploying at around 9:30am UK time (1:30am Pacific), the update will introduce "balancing tweaks to the Armored Kill gunship and the long awaited option to remove the minimap in Hardcore mode," explains DICE.

In Rush mode the Gunship will only respawn after the attackers have destroyed an M-COM in Rush. Also, "the gunship will always have a 60 second spawn delay in Conquest no matter the server spawn delay setting".

Other tweaks related to sever stability, knife takedowns, the Kill List and various other glitches and exploits will also be applied.

DICE warns of server downtime between 9:00-9:30am UK time, during which you will not be able to play on PC or consoles, and the update can take around six hours to come into effect on consoles, and up to 24 hours on PC.

A detailed rundown of changes can be read on the game's official site.