6 Things We Can't Wait to Try in Grand Theft Auto V

Cool rides, hijacking

From what we've seen, the visuals alone will leave the still impressive Grand Theft Auto IV in the shade. There's already a huge variety on show - and Rockstar have barely revealed anything yet.



What better way to pay homage to the San Andreas bicycle than to take a beachside ride to Santa Monica Pier's funfair?



One thing's for sure: this guy's not just hanging off the side of a car transporter for fun. Sleeping Dogs did a good job of letting us nab cars and trucks on the move with its acrobatic leaps, but will we be able to do the same thing in GTA V, too, or is this a one-off story driven moment?



Ever since we defied gravity in Grand Theft Auto 3's Dodo we've loved taking to the skies. Weaving around city skyscrapers in a helicopter is all well and good, but the most fun comes from taking a fixed-wing plane - be it a crop duster or a jet - and flying over the world, looking for secret spots and special vehicles. Less maneuverable than a helicopter, it's always more exciting to thread a plane beneath a bridge or in between canyon walls. And with crop dusting clearly visible in the GTA trailer, we can't help but wonder what hi-jinks we'll be getting up to in the air. Will we simply be doing some farm work, perhaps?



Our favourite GTA pastime is unquestionably raising our Wanted rating to maximum and then trying our damndest to outrun and outgun the cops. Expect nothing less than the finest, tightest vehicle set yet seen in the franchise to do this with, and the superb LA river network (as seen in Terminator 2, Grease, Purple Rain and Drive, among others) to charge through.



GTA is no stranger to mini-games: after all, IV gave us pool, darts, bowling, air hockey and more. But could tennis be one of GTA V's mini-games? If so, the potential for McEnroe-style outbursts at dodgy line calls will be far better than anything seen in Top Spin...



Does anyone actually bother to land the aircraft when there's a spare parachute on board? Not in GTA they don't. This time around we're guaranteed some stunning sites as we glide back to Earth.