Black Ops Declassified - Nukehouse map, new Perks detailed

Fresh info, but still no release date for the Vita-exclusive Call of Duty

Nihilistic Software has revealed new information about Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified, the upcoming Vita entry in the monster FPS series.


Robert Huebner, who heads up the Resistance: Burning Skies studio, told the PlayStation Blog a little about one of the game's new multiplayer maps, Nukehouse, which can be seen in Declassified's Gamescom trailer (below) and has been inspired by the popular Call of Duty: Black Ops map Nuketown.

"Nuketown is obviously a fan favorite so we wanted to really do an homage to that map," he said. "Nukehouse is a tighter level overall but tries to capture the unique look and feel of the original."

He also said there'll be 12 Perks available in the game, featuring a mixture of new and old. "Hardline, Marksman, Sleight of Hand, and Lightweight are all back, but new perks like Surplus (extra starting ammo and grenades), Hardwired (immune to Counter Spy Plane) and Toughness (reduced flinching when shot) are also important to remember when creating classes."


On the single-player front, the game will offer both objective-based missions and survival ones.

"The single-player campaign consists of intense and replayable objective-based missions that allow you to get better and better over time to improve your performance. The goal is to give the player the experience of striving for the 'perfect run' through each mission.

"Hostiles" missions as we call them now are the classic 'survive infinite waves' sort of challenge. The player has to survive wave after wave of different enemy types, but also receives "care package" drops during play to keep them supplied."

Black Ops: Declassified is due for release later this year. Get our first impressions of the game in this Black Ops: Declassified preview.

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