25 easy games to boost your Trophies and Achievements

Maximum G's, minimum effort

Gamerscore looking a little forlorn? Trophy count rather lacklustre? If you're fed up with struggling through ridiculous achievement or award requirements, help is at hand.


We've all been there. You tried everything, but you just can't jump through that one achievement's bizarre hoops. But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are 25 games that'll get you back on top, and without even breaking a sweat. They may not be the best games, some of them are proper stinkers, but even stinkers have some use.

1: Alone in the Dark: Inferno

Year: 2008 Format: PS3/360 Developer: Eden Games
Trophies: 50 Achievements: 49


There's no shortage of puzzles to get your brain around in this paranormal adventure, and although you get the option to 'fast forward' past them, you need to finish every episode without doing so to get all the Trophies. Just finish the episodes and make all the possible combinations of inventory items and the Platinum is yours. Which actually isn't as difficult as that sounds.


Year: 2011 Format: PS3/360 Developer: Ubisoft
Trophies: 27 Achievements: 26


This TV tie-in is ridiculously easy to complete, as there are only four cases to solve. The interface is fiddly but there are no missable Trophies, so by the time your investigation has concluded (around the five-hour mark) you'll have unlocked every accolade. Well done.

3: TV Superstars

Year: 2010 Format: PS3/PSN Developer: SCE


It's easy to score well on the Move controlled TV events, though achieving great scores on the eight commercials requires more practice. Once all the individual show awards are unlocked you just need to grind for points until you top the A-List.

4: Lost: Via Domus

Year: 2008 Format: 360 Developer: Ubisoft
Achievements: 30


With only seven episodes to play through, this adventure based on the TV series can be completed in a few hours. Use a walkthrough to make sure you take the required photos and examine every item along the way and you'll be finished in no time.

5: Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection

Year: 2009 Format: PS3/360 Developer: Backbone Entertainment
Trophies: 35 Achievements: 34


Almost every game in this collection has a Trophy, and although most are pretty straightforward there are guides available to quickly mop them up. The only tough accolade is for completing Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, requiring both skill and luck to defeat the Eggman's final stage.

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