'We would slowly die if we stopped making new IP,' says EA exec

Patrick Soderlund discusses innovating with Battlefield 3 and the lust for new ideas

A key executive at EA's core games label, Patrick Soderlund, has said creating new and unique intellectual properties is vital to the survival of EA.


In an interview printed in the latest issue of MCV, Soderlund was asked how EA is approaching the demand for new IP. He replied by providing assurances that the company is absolutely working "all the time" on new games.

"To me, the day we stop doing new IP is the day we put ourselves on life support and then we're slowly going to die," he said.

Soderlund went on to note that the development is as important to the creative health of developers, as it is to industry as a whole and consumers.

"[Creatives] need something different to think about. They have a lot of creativity built into them that they need to get out."

The EA exec went on to say "the day that we stop thinking about new things that are not Need for Speed is the day that I'll probably leave the games industry."

In the interview, Soderland also spoke at length about developer empowerment, using DICE and its work on Battlefield 3, in addition to Criterion's Need for Speed: Most Wanted as an example of the equalising of the balance of power and the innovations it has fostered.

"We demand so much from our employees that frankly if we can't show them that we're willing to go all out, why will they? That's my philosophy. And we have certainly made some difference to other studios with that mentality.

"A lot of people criticise EA for not being innovative. But look at what EA has done with Battlefield 3. We said, here's a game that looks like nothing you've seen before. We looked at animation, we looked at audio, we looked at audio, we looked at every single part of the visual experience and we said: how can we change this? I think if that's not innovation, I don't know what is."

"Those things don't just happen by mistake, those are all diligent strategies with someone saying: 'probably not good enough'.

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