PlayStation Mobile store launches in October

More than 30 games set for tablet and smartphone formats

The PlayStation Mobile store is to go live on October 3.


It will launch with over 30 games for Android-based smartphones and tablets in Japan, the US and Europe, reports.

Japanese prices will range from 50-850 yen (£0.38-£6.60 / $0.63-$10), and Sharp and Fujitsu devices have been added to previously certified ones from HTC, Sony Ericsson, Asus and Wikipad.

The PlayStation Mobile software development kit will be released to developers in November with an annual licensing agreement of $99.

Sony renamed PlayStation Suite to PlayStation Mobile at E3 in June, when it began to position it as a new delivery platform.

According to the platform holder, "PlayStation Mobile marries fun, engaging PlayStation-style gaming with the convenience of PlayStation Certified mobile devices and an intuitive store navigation and purchasing experience."

PlayStation Mobile content is also compatible with Vita.