LittleBigPlanet Vita review: The best version of LBP on any format

Yes, Sackboy is better on Vita than PS3

Until now, Sony's big games - Uncharted and Resistance - have made some concessions to 'fit' on PlayStation Vita. They've felt like stripped down versions; ports of bigger games. LittleBigPlanet Vita is different. It's using the power and functions of Vita to realise its true potential.


As in the PS3 versions, single-player gives you a six to eight-hour story filled with platforming and charming characters. All tutorials are narrated by Stephen Fry, and they're funny and informative. The game looks just as great as the PS3 LBPs too.


So what makes this version so special? The devs at Tarsier have sat down and thought about how to use Vita's various inputs to enhance the way we play LittleBigPlanet. Nothing here feels shoehorned in, and every new input brings something useful and genuinely exciting.

It's the best LittleBigPlanet single-player campaign on any format...

Example? You can use the front touch-screen to drag certain blocks around a level. So, crudely, if there's a massive jump that you can't cross, dragging a special blue block into place allows you to create a stepping stone to the other side. Blue blocks can also be pushed into the background to unblock routes (all LBP's levels work on three layers: back, middle and front), and cleverly, you can also push green blocks out of the background using the rear touch-pad.

Tilt control? That's in too. Camera? Yup. Having all these functions is one thing, but what really sets them off is the way levels have been perfectly designed to integrate the features. Nothing here feels like a novelty feature; it's all here for a reason, and that makes the single-player the best LBP campaign on any format.

All the new tricks of the solo mode transfer to the creation tools too, adding more options to the already vast toolset. How is creation on Vita? The smaller screen makes precision work tricky, but touch controls make it quicker. Not bothered about DIY? You can go online and play a stack of community levels and mini-games created specifically for LBP Vita. You can even download these levels to play on the move, if you're away from a WiFi connection.


If this were just a solo Vita platformer, it'd be worth playing. With the community features and creation options, its a genuine reason to buy a Vita.

The verdict

Simply, the best LBP on any format. Combines smart design with Vita's controls, and adds incredible online functionality to make it the first essential Vita game.

  • Perfectly designed levels that compliment the new functionality
  • Download and share costumes and Vita-made community levels
  • Touch controls make things quicker...
  • ... even if the smaller screen makes precision work harder.
PlayStation Vita
Media Molecule
Platformer, Adventure, Action