PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Evil Cole reveal trailer

Harness the powers of electrokinesis and pyrokinesis in battle

Sony has released a new PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale trailer revealing that Evil Cole MacGrath from Infamous has joined the game's roster of fighters.

"Evil Cole can blast opponents from afar with bursts of fire and electricity, or engage opponents at close range with incendiary strikes," SuperBot community manager Dan Maniago said on the PS Blog.

"Players can utilise familiar attacks such as the Hellfire Rocket, Tripwire Rocket, and Firebird Strike to dispatch foes. Evil Cole is able to harness the power of The Beast once his energy has reached maximum level, leaving nothing in his wake.

"He is also able to suck AP out of his enemies using his Ionic Drain, giving him an AP headstart before opponents are ready for the next onslaught. He brings an offense-heavy play-style to the fight that rivals that of the most fearsome challengers on the roster."

Along with Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, PS All-Stars Battle Royale will be included in Sony's new PlayStation Cross Buy initiative, which will allow players to buy a game on PS3 and download the Vita version free of charge.

Sony recently delayed the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale release date by one month to November 20 in the US (21 in Europe, 22 in Aus & NZ and 23 in UK & Ireland). New screenshots follow the trailer:

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