'Give the OnLive team a chance', says departing CEO

Steve Perlman asks fans to stick it out

Outgoing OnLive founder Steve Perlman has asked users to "give the OnLive team a chance to regroup and get rolling again"


"It's the same people who created the amazing stuff you've been enjoying over the years, and Charlie is the guy who's kept the service running 24/7 since launch. No small feat," he said in a letter to fans posted on an OnLive fansite.

Perlman, who served as CEO of the cloud gaming service for over 13 years, confirmed on Monday that he was leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

Lead investor, Gerry Lauder, will now serve as chairman of the company, while former lead of operations, Charlie Jablonski, has been appointed as acting CEO .

"For me, it's hard to leave my creation behind, but there is also a huge sense of relief that I can finally step off the treadmill and know that OnLive is in good hands," Perlman's message read.

"Thank you all for helping OnLive since Beta days to become a reality, and thank you for all of the feedback and ideas that has helped OnLive pioneer this entirely new field of computing and entertainment."

OnLive launched in July 2010 but after two years the embattled cloud gaming firm closed down and reformed in a complex administrative move that spared it of its debts. The drastic action followed a nightmare week of business as more than 100 people were made redundant.

Telecoms giant BT has said it is "highly likely" that it will write off its 2.6 per cent stake in OnLive.