Sony still backing 3D but 'doesn't need to talk about it so much'

PlayStation Europe boss tells CVG: Don't read into lack of Gamescom and E3 announcements

The chief executive of PlayStation Europe says the company will continue to support the 3D TV technologies despite a lack of announcements on the matter.


Jim Ryan told CVG at Gamescom this week that "where it makes sense, 3D technology will be included into our games".

Ryan was asked to clarify the matter because Sony had not announced any 3D technology initiatives at its Gamescom press conference on Tuesday, nor did it mention the tech at its E3 press conference in July.

"I wouldn't read too much into its omission," he responded.

"We spoke about it at E3 two years ago and everyone put their glasses on for the first time, and the next year we did the same and everyone did it again. Y'know, there comes a time when you don't need to talk about it any more," the exec added.

"Don't read into the fact too much that we haven't announced anything about 3D."

Sony as a parent company of the PlayStation business had invested significantly in 3DTV, as well as some cinema technologies and film productions. But doubts have been raised over the commercial viability of the stereoscopic viewing format by a number of film directors, analysts and executives.

The same debate has occurred in games. In July the chief executive of EA, John Riccitiello, told investors that the company "has not seen a big uptake in 3D gaming, nor a big uptake in 3D TVs in the home".

The full interview between CVG and Jim Ryan will be available soon.