Four The Last of Us videos offer fantastic production insight

Behind-the-scenes look at cinematic production and mo-cap

Naughty Dog has released a batch of videos to offer those eagerly anticipating its next game, The Last of Us, a look at its yes cinematic production.


Naughty Dog is arguably the best in the business at creating movie-quality cinematics in its games (see Uncharted 2), and The Last of Us is looking like a class act.

There are three videos below showing how its done. The first features Bruce Straley, Game Director, and Neil Druckmann, Creative Director discussing the creative ideas and aspirations that are going into developing The Last of Us.

Then there's a look at a motion caption recording session starring Joel (Troy Baker), Ellie (Ashley Johnson), and Bill (W. Earl Brown), followed by a short clip of how this raw mo-cap data transitions into an in-game cinematic.

And lastly, the previously-released trailer that this mo-cap session finally became.

If you missed it, Naughty Dog released yet another stunning The Last of Us trailer at Gamescom yesterday. Get on that.

Developer chat:

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Mo-cap session:

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Cinematic Process:

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Final release:

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