SimCity coming to Mac

Arriving alongside the PC version via Origin in February 2013

EA has just announced a Mac version SimCity.


It will be available alongside the PC edition as a digital download from Origin in February 2013.

"Whether you owned a Macintosh or a DOS PC, we all have memories of laying down zones and reticulating splines from our youth," said Lucy Bradshaw, general manager of EA's Maxis Label.

"To the millions of SimCity fans out there, we've been listening and can proudly say that your calls have been answered. SimCity has a long legacy on the Mac and the team at Maxis is ensuring that it will be the deepest, richest and most accessible SimCity game yet."

We said in our first SimCity preview: "After the disappointing last game, and accusations that Maxis are increasingly appealing to casual gamers, it's reassuring to see just how deep and strategic the new SimCity is."

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