Capcom: No Wii U announcements at Gamescom

But "we will be talking about that very soon"

Capcom's confirmed it will be making no Wii U game announcements at Gamescom this week.


The publisher's traditionally been a supporter of Nintendo platforms and despite having announced no titles for the new system its VP of US business recently said Capcom has "some good stuff coming" for Wii U.

The publisher's head of marketing for US and Europe, Michael Pattison re-confirmed its support in Germany today, telling MCV:

"There is a rumour that we are working on a Wii U game. It won't be at this show. But we do have something waiting in the wings, and we will be talking about that very soon."

Capcom is currently allocating resources to several big projects such as Resident Evil 6 and Monster Hunter 4.