Hitman Absolution: Asynchronous multiplayer mode revealed

'Contracts' lets you create original kill scenarios and challenge other players

Hitman: Absolution developer IO Interactive has taken the wraps of an asynchronous multiplayer mode featured in the game.


'Contracts' will enable players to create original kill scenarios targeting three characters on a given level. Other players will then be challenged to complete them in the quickest time, Joystiq reports.

Speedy completion will earn players cash to spend on weapons and disguises that they can take into other Contracts.

All the results will be uploaded to a server, where they'll presumably be compared on global leaderboards. IO also plans to release its own weekly Contracts challenges.

"Contracts was inspired by our loyal and extremely creative fans, many of whom are still finding new and amazing ways of taking out targets in previous Hitman games," said Christian Elverdam, gameplay director.

"Contracts mode finally delivers a way for Hitman players to fully realize both their creativity and competitive nature. Whether they're fighting to shave off a split second from their time or combining elements and timing events to create unprecedented accidental deaths, gamers can now challenge and inspire each another with an endless variety of user-generated contracts."

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