Black Ops 2 multiplayer: new weapons, modes, Scorestreaks and more

First details revealed at Gamescom

Activision is currently showing off the multiplayer component of Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 at GamesCom. Our man in Cologne has spent some time getting acquanted with the new and improved multiplayer suite and reported back these details...

Here's the complete list of changes, tweaks and additions being shown at the event. Those not satisfied with this rather lengthy list can also have a read of our latest Black Ops 2 multiplayer preview.

  • Black Ops 2 has a brand new Create-A-Class feature
  • Perks and equipment have been stripped out and replaced with a points system
  • A new 'Pick 10' gives players 10 points spend on perks, weapons and equipment in any way they like
  • Points can be used to purchase 'Wildcards'
  • 'Perk Greed I' Wildcard lets players double up on perks from Tier 1, so you can, for example, have Hardline and Flak Jacket perk at the same time
  • Wildcards can also let players use up to three attachments to a gun or carry more grenades and flashbangs
  • A slot number limit keeps things balanced
  • Killstreaks have been replaced with Scorestreaks
  • Score Streak reward have a numerical value attached to them, players get them by reaching the target number through activities on the battlefield (not just killing).
  • UAV, Care Packages and Attack Dogs are back
  • The riot control device seen in the trailer is called 'The Guardian', it's a turret that emits microwaves to slows down enemies
  • HellStorm rocket is similar to the Predator Missiles but its head splits into six separate warheads
  • Players can assume control of deployable ordinance such as the AGR at the touch of a button
  • Taking control of ordinance leaves the player vulnerable, the AI will resumes control if the player is killed
  • A new EMP grenade can be used to knock out AI units
  • A new class of weapons called Uber Weapons has been added and includes the 'War Machine', a grenade launcher, and the 'Death Machine', a handheld gatling gun
  • In a new match type called 'Hardpoint' players players battle to control a zone on the map that switches position at random (much like King of the Hill)
  • The game supports up to four teams but player count is limited to 18
  • Medals, tags and emblems can be earned
  • There are 55 levels
  • Treyarch says it's impossible for a player to unlock everything by reaching max out their rank
  • There are 10 Prestige levels
  • The game takes note of a players skill level and matches them with similarly skilled players in a new League Play mode
  • Good performance in league matches will get players promoted up the ladder
  • The game also monitors how players behave and punishes quitters
  • Black Ops 2 is eSports friendly. It has a sportscasting tool-set in the League Mode for commentators
  • COD-casters can CODcasters hop around vantage points, swap to a map overview, toggle display options on the HUD and even drop in and out of the conversations between the different team players
  • Treyarch's has said it is working on a Live Streaming service that could bring matches to tablet devices
  • The studio said it will discuss the new Emblem Editor, Theatre Mode Enhancements, a new Core & Party Game Mode and new Combat Training mode soon