Arcade sticks compatible with PlayStation All-Stars

Prefer arcade sticks over controllers? No problem!

Superbot Entertainment have announced today that arcade sticks will be compatible with PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale.


Fans of the fighting game genre generally feel more at home with an arcade stick rather than a controller. To ensure all fans are covered, SuperBot Entertainment "are happy to announce that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will include controller configuration support for all popular arcade stick peripherals!"

The announcement was made on their Facebook page where they confirmed that "every attack, combo, and strategy that can be performed on the DualShock 3 controller is seamlessly mapped to arcade button layouts."

While nearly all the commands for the DualShock 3 controller are assigned to the same buttons on the arcade stick, there is one exception. Superbot Entertainment explain that the throw command uses the right stick on the controller, but "with an arcade stick, throws are simply performed with an easy button combination, similar to many traditional fighting games."

While it is good news for many that arcade sticks can be used with PlayStation All-Stars, we can't help but wonder if this news will lead to announcement for a special PS All-Stars themed arcade stick of its own. Pure speculation, of course.

When it comes to fighting games what do you prefer: Arcade stick, or controller?