'God of War: Ascension doesn't need to be different'

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, says Steve Jackson

On last week's mailbox Steve Jackson professed his love for Nintendo Land. Today we've got Steven Beall, who thinks God of War is perfect as it is.

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I am saddened to read the constant criticism of God of War: Ascension that it isn't "innovative enough". I'm puzzled as to why people think God of War would need to change in the first place. The mechanics are bordering on perfection, so if you throw them out the window, what exactly would you have left? Third person slashers are complex and the mechanics cannot be replaced on a whim. So I implore Santa Monica to uphold the tried and tested brilliance of previous GOW games: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

PSM3 says: As you rightly note, change for change's sake isn't good - Resident Evil and Ninja Gaiden have both lost their lustre by straying from their original formula. However, it's a fine line. Can you rightly ask players to pay £40 for a game that doesn't bring anything significantly new to the table?

CVG says: At a certain point franchises that have been going for as long as God of War has need to evolve or die. I'm a massive God of War fan but nothing about the mechanics of God of War: Ascension excites me. I'll give multiplayer a whirl but I'm in it for the story now. I expect Sony Santa Monica won't start thinking about more significant design changes until the PS4 is released, which is a shame.