Skyrim: Rags to Riches - Part 4 of our quest for fame and fortune

Days 13-16: Olaf gets naked, beats someone up, and meets the love of his life

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Skyrim: Rags to Riches is an ongoing series in which we attempt to earn 25,000 gold in Skyrim with a character who can't go on adventures, cast spells, or kill dragons. He's just a regular guy, and has to somehow earn enough money to buy Proudspire Manor in Solitude before he dies.

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Day 13 - Loredas, 29th of Last Seed

Just as those pirates were about to introduce their curved swords to Olaf's insides, our faithful hound, who we named Cabbage, came running around the corner and killed them. Looks like he was worth 500 gold after all. We stripped their ship of anything that wasn't nailed down and sold it as revenge. That's the kind of vengeance Olaf likes: the safe, non-violent kind.

The next morning we resume our hike along the coast of the Sea of Ghosts. That's just a name, right? Olaf doesn't like ghosts. We spend the day hunting horkers and harvest their tusks to sell. They take a lot of arrows to kill, but Cabbage helps us out.


Our hike is interrupted by a sabre cat, which lunges at Olaf with its razor sharp claws from out of nowhere. Cabbage is trailing behind, so we're forced to duel with the beast solo. A couple of arrows in the face makes short work of the giant cat, and we take its pelt as a trophy as our dwindling health bar refills.

The sun is dropping behind the horizon, so we head back along the coast to Solitude. In the darkness we spot several clumps of Nirnroot - a glowing plant that emits a strange noise - and pick it up. We unload our haul at the Bits and Pieces general store and make a tidy sum.

Gold: 1737


Day 14 - Sundas, 30th of Last Seed

We look at the map and notice that there's a town just a short walk from Solitude called Morthal. We walk there through a mudcrab-infested swamp and chop some wood at the local mill. There doesn't seem to be much going on in this town: it's dark, snowy, and miserable. It doesn't even have a general store. We won't be sticking around.

We go huting and foraging for plants in the surrounding countryside. There's a lot of Deathbell here, and we end up with over 30 of them to sell later. That'll get us a nice amount of gold. There are some elk around too, and we take a few out and harvest their antlers and skins.


As we're heading back to town to rest up for the night, a tough-looking Nord tells us that he's the greatest warrior in Skyrim, and offers us a wager: beat him up without using weapons for 100 gold. Olaf already proved back in Markarth that he can handle himself in a brawl, so we agree. We beat the Nord and pocket our winnings.

Morthal is a nice enough town, but it doesn't have enough to keep us busy besides the wood mill. We head to the Moorside Inn, eat a venison chop for dinner, then rent a room for the night. Another profitable day.

Gold: 1840

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