Skyrim: Rags to Riches - Part 3 of our quest for fame and fortune

Days 9-12: Olaf gets into a bar fight, makes a hairy new friend, and does a spot of modelling

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Skyrim: Rags to Riches is an ongoing series in which we attempt to earn 25,000 gold in Skyrim with a character who can't go on adventures, cast spells, or kill dragons. He's just a regular guy, and has to somehow earn enough money to buy Proudspire Manor in Solitude before he dies.

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Day 9 - Tirdas, 25th of Last Seed

Yesterday was the closest we've ever been to death. Olaf angered a Hagraven - a monster that's part hag, part raven, and all terrifying - and had to flee for his life. We managed to escape from the foul beast, but the encounter has convinced us that The Reach is far too dangerous for a man equipped with nothing but an iron dagger and a strong work ethic.

We wake up in the Sliver-Blood Inn in Markarth and are challenged to a fight by a drunken mercenary called Cosnach. Olaf's a burly, hard-working Nord, so we decide that a bar brawl is within his capabilities. We beat him and win 200 gold in the process. That's like a whole day of hunting elk. Maybe Olaf has found his calling: beating up drunkards in dingy taverns. We think about going on a pub tour of Skyrim, challenging ale-soaked peasants to fist fights.


We go for a wander around Markarth and stumble into a temple of Dibella. We receive a blessing from Dibella herself, the Goddess of Beauty, who gives Olaf a 10% speechcraft bonus. This should get us better prices when bartering with merchants.

Outside Markarth we hear a dog yapping and notice that the mutt in question has a name, Vigilance. A surly Nord nearby, Banning, offers to sell us the dog for 500 gold. He describes it as a 'war dog', but its friendly eyes and playful bark make it look more likely to lick someone than tear their throat out. Still, after the Hagraven attack, we decide having some backup might come in handy and take ownership of the pooch. Afterwards we go for a hunt in The Reach, but encounter no elk. It's time to ditch this foggy, Hagraven-filled hellhole.

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