Telltale confirms more 'Walking Dead' games after current series

Five-episode venture 'will not be the last that we do', says dev

Telltale has pretty much confirmed will will make more games based on The Walking Dead series beyond the five episodes of the developer's current game.


"Our first episodic game series based on The Walking Dead has sold nearly 1.7 million episodes to consumers in just our first 8 weeks with no signs of slowing down. We have three more episodes to go with Episode 3 targeted for August as we confirmed yesterday," said senior vice president of marketing Steve Allison.

Allison went on to confirm not only will the currently digital-only episodic game be coming to retail, but it will also not be the last Walking Dead game from Telltale.

"Following the digital release of our fifth episode we will also be coming to North American retail shortly thereafter and this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do," he said.

Activision announced this week that it too will release a The walking Dead game - a first-person action title developed by Terminal Reality - next year.

Allison told Polygon that Telltale is "looking forward to seeing Terminal Reality's game when it comes out".

Via Joystiq.

[ SOURCE: Polygon ]