Skyrim's next DLC: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

Does an experimental video from Bethesda reveal the future of Skyrim DLC?

Bethesda has just given us a fresh helping of Skyrim content with Dawnguard, but we're already thinking about what's next.

We've got a almost nothing to go on but that won't stop us from coming up with some ideas for the next second piece of Skyrim DLC.

Here's what we want to see in the Skyrim DLC 2.

Ice Ice Baby


Hidden within a pre-Dawnguard PC patch was a lot of evidence pointing towards a 'Snow Elf Prince'. He might sound familiar: he's the huge statue you encounter during a Thieves Guild mission in which you steal the Eyes Of The Falmer. In Skyrim lore the remains of the Snow Elf Prince are buried in Morrowind.

Technically, Morrowind is a whole other country but there's a stonking great gate in Skyrim that leads off in that direction. Only it's blocked off by an invisible wall. Almost as it you're not meant to go that way. Yet.

We'd love for see Bethesda' go all the way with the next expansion and let us venture into Morrowind territory. All it has to do is resurrect the Snow Prince, have him call us over and then send us off on missions. Snow Elf lore, books and history run through Skyrim for no obvious purpose - almost as if we're being prepared for their appearance, we think the time's right.

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