Are you (Hit)man enough to become the ultimate assassin?

Take on all comers in the Hitman Sniper Challenge and compete for superb prizes in Square's marksman competition

Hitman Absolution marks the return of the classic Hitman experience and our recent hands-on E3 Hitman Absolution preview called it "Equal parts devious and ingenious, this is not only Hitman, but the best Hitman. Make no mistake: Absolution looks absolutely bloody brilliant."

High praise indeed and we think it's going to be a corker, so we've partnered up with publisher Square Enix for its special Hitman Sniper challenge, a special sniper competition to whet your appetites in the lead-up to the game's full release in November.


Available as a special bonus to anyone who pre-orders the game on Xbox 360 or PS3 (PC owners stand by), the Sniper Challenge sees you charged with taking down a high profile mark and his bodyguards against the clock, with a chance to earn some extremely impressive real-world prizes (Prizes will be confirmed throughout the coming weeks, but we've had a heads up and you are not going to want to miss them).

All the best marksmen and marksladies will be tracked at the official site and there'll be weekly progress updates on CVG, with some very special prizes being awarded for the top assassins each month.

Our colleagues and chums (or for the purposes of this competition our deadly rivals) over at Games Radar are running a similar promotion with their readers, but we definitely want a CVG hitman or lady to come out on top in this one.

A few further terms and conditions are below and on the Hitman Sniper site itself, but we'll be following this closely over the next few months and reporting on progress weekly, so sign up now and get practicing.

We've always thought CVG readers would make the ultimate assassins and now you've got a chance to prove us right.

How to enter

  • To unlock Hitman Sniper Challenge you need to pre-order Hitman Absolution

  • Register your code at where you will be given a download code for your preferred platform

  • You must be over 18 and a resident of the UK.

  • For the first month of competition only scores from 1st July - Midnight 31st July will be
  • That's it - good luck and happy shooting!