Vivendi to sell majority stake in Activision Blizzard - report

Parent firm apparently searching for buyer for its $8.1 billion stake

Vivendi is said to be putting its majority stake in Activision Blizzard up for sale.


According to a Bloomberg report, Vivendi plans to seek a buyer for its $8.1 billion, 61 percent holding in the games publishing giant.

The report, citing an anonymous source, also claims that if no buyer is found the french company will sell a partial stake on the open market.

This mirrors reports earlier this month, when Vivendi was believed to be considering whether it should sell off its Activision equity in whole or in part.

Activision is considered the biggest core games publisher in the west with a market value of about $13 billion.

It's parent company Vivendi, however, has endured a troubling twelve months where its share price has declined by 28 per cent.

[ SOURCE: Bloomberg ]