Journey Collector's Edition goodies detailed

Soundtracks, mini-games, PlayStation Plus and more

Thatgamecompany terminated speculation of a 'Journey Collector's Edition' with confirmation of its existence and the inclusion of flOw and Flower in the package. But there's more.


Thanks to an advertisement in the latest issue of the US Official PlayStation Magazine, it's now confirmed that the package will also include soundtracks for three games, a trial code for PlayStation Plus, "exclusive mini-games" of an unspecified nature, and "documentaries" presumably tucked away on the game disc, and apparently "much more".

That lot should give thatgamecompany fans (this writer included) plenty to sink their teeth into when the Collector's Edition arrives. Unfortunately, the ad offers no date - but it must be soon for ads to be running in magazines.

[ SOURCE: Shacknews ]