Okami HD is official

PS3 exclusive update will support Move

Capcom's Okami will be the next game to get the high-definition treatment, Sony has confirmed.


The critically acclaimed title was originally developed by now defunct Capcom subsidiary Clover Studio and released on the PS2. It later made its way to the Nintendo Wii thanks to Ready at Dawn, the developer of the PSP God of War titles.

Okami garnered much praise for its unique visual design, which was inspired heavily by Japanese handscroll art and its use of Japanese mythology.

Along with cleaned up visuals the PS3 re-release will support widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio and motion controls via the PlayStation Move controller. It will release as a PSN download in North America and Europe this autumn. It'll cost £15.99 /€19.99.

Take a look at our Okami HD screenshot gallery, and watch the trailer below.

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Yesterday rumours suggested the game will be out in Japan on November 1.