IW "on the fence" over leaked Modern Warfare 3 'Terminal' map

Exec producer acknowledges leaked maps

According to reports, Modern Warfare 3 players spotted two new maps 'Shipbreaker' and 'Terminal' turn up on in-game listings over the weekend.


Videos have appeared online showing the maps appearing in listings, seemingly offering a premature hint at some upcoming DLC.

But don't get too excited yet - they may never see the light of day.

The game's exec producer at Infinity Ward, Mark Rubin, responded to question via Twitter, saying that the surprise appearance of the two maps was due to "Preparation for upcoming maps".

He went on to say, "Terminal is still on the fence but we are ready if we can launch that one."

Some took that as confirmation of Terminal's release at least, but Rubin went on to re-assert, "I said it was still on the fence and that we would launch it if we can," before dishing out a few "no comment" replies to anyone prying for more info.

It is speculated that Terminal could be a rehash of the Modern Warfare 2 map of the same name. Does that sound good to you?

Rubin earlier today confirmed details for tomorrow's MW3 DLC content drop.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]