Journey dev aiming for Pixar movie sized audience for new game

Thatgamecompany is dreaming big

Thatgamecompany founder Jenova Chen has said the studio wants to reach a much larger audience than it has with its previous PlayStation exclusive games.


Chen told Wired the studio's next game is already in development and said it's set its sights on "a mass audience, like a Pixar movie."

The indie studio made a name for itself with Flow, Flower and Journey, all of which were released on Sony's PS3 as part of a three-game exclusivity deal.

Following its release Journey became the fastest-selling PSN game ever in the US and Europe, overtaking inFamous: Festival of Blood.

Hot off the success of its latest game Thatgamecompany announced it raised enough funding to become a multiplatform developer.

In the interview Chen said going fully independent meant the team could have complete creative control over its next game.

"By raising the money ourselves, we have the control to do what we want," he said. "I'm a game designer, so I care about the whole experience."

Last month he said Thatgamecompany is close to finding a publisher for its new game and will definitely unveil it this year.

Earlier this year Kelle Santiago, co-founder and co-president of Thatgamecompany, has confirmed she has left the studio to seek new challenges.