19 Sony heroes that belong in All-Stars Battle Royale

'I could have been a contender'...

Within hours of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale being announced, 100s of gaming sites had written character wishlists, always with the same old names - Lara, Snake, Drake.

You can't ignore these icons, and neither will we, but what about the fringe characters, the forgotten heroes, who defined PlayStation history? Here's who we'd really like to see in a multiplayer dust up...

Solid Snake


Game: Metal Gear Solid
Year: 1998
Platform: PS1
Dev: Konami
Who? The sneakiest man alive.
He's already appeared in Super Smash Bros Brawl as a close-quarters combat brawler with a knack for blowing up his enemies, but deep down Snake is a Sony guy. Hideo Kojima's PlayStation Metal Gear revival wasn't so different to the MSX originals, but Metal Gear Solid grew up on PlayStation, and MGS4 was the last great third-party exclusive for any platform. The definition of an icon.



Game: Noby Noby Boy
Year: 2009
Platform: PS3
Developer: Namco Bandai
Who?: PlayStation's stretchiest, happiest worm-thing.
In the hands of PlayStation gamers Boy has been stretched a cumulative 1.5 million miles - making him unchallenged as PlayStation's biggest hero. The cheery infini-worm is the perfect candidate for screen-filling boss status in Battle Royale.

Ratchet and Clank


Game: Ratchet & Clank
Year: 2002
Platform: PS2
Developer: Insomniac
Who?: The last of gaming's great cartoon mascots.
By 2002 gamers were done with pink cartoon dragons and bouncy bandicoots. Ratchet and Clank defied the odds. With a jetpack, grind boots, and an unparalleled arsenal loaded with bizarre-o-guns, they're a natural fit for a 2D party fighter.

Lara Croft


Game: Tomb Raider
Year: 1996
Platform: PSone
Developer: Core Design
Who?: Sony's Super Mario
Lara's first adventure hit PS1 and Sega's Saturn back in '96 but by the time the sequel hit shelves in '97 Lara was PlayStation's own Super Mario - a PSone icon known around the world. Tomb Raider was gaming's first taste of the mainstream and helped Sony shift one hundred million PSones. She's a fearless fighter too, having taken out most of the planets endangered predators: if anyone belongs in Battle Royale, it's Lara.

Captain Rock


Game: Motor Toon Grand Prix
Year: 1994
Platform: PSone
Developer: Sony
Who?: PlayStation's first mascot.
Long before Gran Turismo, Motor Toon was Kaz Yamauchi's shot at remaking Mario Kart. Without a single classic character to call their own so early in the PSone's life, Sony created Captain Rock, making him their first ever mascot and a perfect fit for Sony's take on Super Smash Bros. That smirking face was made to be wellied around an arena.

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